The Matcha Bar | Amsterdam

De Pijp is without any doubt one of my favorite neighborhoods of Amsterdam. I love venturing in the concept stores that fill the streets around the Albert Cuypmarkt and, while I’m at it, grabbing a bite or a coffee in the super stylish cafés. Also, it’s one of the best places to go to if you want to avoid the crowds of the Kalverstraat 😉

In one of my strolls down the Albert Cuypmarkt, I noticed that there is a Matcha Bar and of course I had to go in! As the name might already hint, this particular café sells mostly foods and drinks made with Matcha while surrounded by a colorful and aesthetic interior.


Matcha is a variety of green tea that is originally from China and it has a really vibrant green color (Instagram approved). However, the powder has a really strong taste and, if used in the wrong proportions, it might result way too flavored drinks and desserts. Luckily, the Matcha Bar seems to be an expert in handling Matcha powder (duh) and everything my friend and I had was just delicious!


So, let’s now get down to the real deal… food! In my visits to the Matcha Bar I tasted quite some things (for the sake of the blog of course 😛 ) and here are my ultimate recommendations:

The Matcha cake roll and custard Imagawayaki

These two really reminded me of Asia and were definitely my two favorites, paired with a warm cup of Matcha tea.


The Cake roll has your typical Matcha vibrant green color but don’t be fooled by it, the taste is actually quite mild and doesn’t get too much! The cake itself is as fluffy as a cloud and the filling is kind of a Matcha flavored whipped cream. Definitely could have gone for a second slice.

The Imagawayaki (long name uh?) is one of the few things that is not Matcha flavored and it is a sort of thick pancake with a custard filling. I know it doesn’t look that exciting compared to all the green Matcha flavored desserts that fill the place, but the consistency and the sweet custardy taste definitely make up for it. If you have ever been to Japan or Korea, you can compare the taste to those little fish-shaped pastries that you can find basically at every corner 🙂

The Matcha waffles

Absolutely delicious and Matcha-ous to the right point! I also loved the fact that they are so green, it’s kind of like a make-over of your usual Sunday waffle. Tip: don’t be that person that says no to whipped cream.


The café is quite small so I would advise you to go there as soon as it opens or you’ll have to wait to get a seat, which is anyway worth it. But I loved loved loved this place and I am definitely in for another visit, maybe I’ll meet some of you there?




The Matcha Bar

Albert Cuypstraat 89, Amsterdam

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