Miyagi and Jones | Utrecht

One thing that I absolutely love about weekends, apart from sleeping in and brunching my days away, is getting out of Amsterdam, once in a while, and exploring other cities in The Netherlands.

The past weekend was the turn ooof… Utrecht! A cozy city just 20 minutes away from the capital filled with nice views, amazing (and not crowded) stores and, of course, the most important thing: restaurants!


One restaurant in particular had already caught my attention: Miyagi and Jones! Majorly biased by the fact that it serves Asian food and the interior is highly instagrammable, my dinner choice was a no-brainer. Pro tip: if you want to eat there I’d highly advise you to make a reservation since it seems like it’s quite popular in Utrecht.

The restaurant itself is based on the concept of small dishes to share (read: you get to try everything!) while being surrounded by neon signs, high tables, good music and really friendly staff.


We tried a bit of everything but the three dishes that you should definitely try are:

Roasted Pork Belly

Super good! Crispy to the right point and dipped in Hoisin sauce… We almost ordered another one!


Crispy Eggplant

Panfried eggplants with honey and miso. An unusual combination that I would definitely recommend trying!



Tsja Sue

Slightly sweet pork neck that was tender and flavorful. It is usually one of my go-to Chinese dishes and this one was very tasty!

Additional tip: DESSERT! Isn’t it beautiful?? I’d recommend sharing it if you want to avoid a sugar overload 😉


Places like Miyagi and Jones are usually a bit more curated and expensive than your typical Asian restaurant but the price to quality ratio was very good! If you are ever in Utrecht pass by this restaurant, definitely drop by…you won’t be disappointed 🙂






Miyagi and Jones

Veemarktplein 42, Utrecht

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