Casa Sabatelli | Amsterdam

At times, especially around Christmas, I start to really get homesick and I start to really miss Italy. I call those my “Italian days”, when all of a sudden you can find me listening to Italian music and craving all kinds of Italian food. So what’s the best cure for one of those days? You got it right, an Italian dinner!

I always bike down the Kinkerstraat in the morning and this one store with a bow tie pasta logo in the window always caught my attention. The “Italian pasta makers” sign, for some reason, always convinced me that the place was kind of an Italian grocery store but I was in for a pleasant surprise.

So on a snowy rainy Amsterdam Friday night I finally decided to go try to see what this place was about and I walked in such a cozy restaurant that immediately reminded me of home.

Pretty, right? The restaurant itself is the perfect size in my opinion, not too small that you have to line for ages to get a table but also not too big. A plus is that all the staff is Italian.

An even bigger plus is that, as soon as we sat down, the waiter promptly brought us pinzimonio (veggies with olive oil) and bread!


The menu of the restaurant includes so a lot of pasta dishes, perfect to get all the cravings fixed! I saw Spaghetti all Carbonara and I could not resist to finally have legit ones without cream (mindblowing, we don’t put cream in Carbonara 😉 ). Since it was Friday, we had to celebrate the weekend so we also had a Tiramisu (delish).


As an Italian, I am usually really picky with eating Italian food abroad; but casa Sabatelli is a place I will definitely go back to!

Here are some pictures of the really nice decorations and the aesthetics of the restaurant 🙂



From one Italian to an Italian food lover (who isn’t after all?), I definitely recommend Casa Sabatelli as your next stop for your pasta cravings!




Casa Sabatelli

Kinkerstraat 230 H, 1053 EN Amsterdam

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