The Edinburgh City Guide

Want to be surrounded by a magical landscape, in a city where every corner is picturesque and have bagpipe music in your ears in the mean time? Then pack your bags, Edinburgh needs to be your next destination!


Being the city the capital of Scotland, having so many UNESCO sites and hearing so many people preaching it, should have been enough to push me to visit Edinburgh earlier but, in reality, it took a good 23 years and a friend who came up with the complete travel plan (thank you Nastya if you’re reading). Since I fell in love with the city so much that I actually wished I went there earlier, I am going to share some tips and especially some great food places to appreciate Edinburgh through my eyes (and maybe give you the extra push to book a flight). Let’s get started!

What to see in Edinburgh?

Royal Mile and neighboring streets


Walking is of course the best way to see a city and, trust me, Edinburgh takes it to the next level. The city is not too big, so walking is the perfect way to roam around, the streets are super pretty and they hold great views (get that insta post ready).

Tip: the streets are full of bagpipe players, all in for the Scottish atmosphere!

The Vennel


The best view in Edinburgh in my opinion! It is located by the Grassmarket and holds an amazing view over the castle with picturesque houses, stairs and lamps; yes, my inner Harry Potter fan came out there for some reason.

Tip: not many tourists there

Calton Hill


I am going to be totally honest, we tried to climb the Arthur’s Seat but we completely missed the sign to the top and before we knew we were back to the start. Not too bad though, not far from the unreachable (for us) Arthur’s Seat is the pretty Calton Hill (no worries, signs everywhere). The climb is really not bad and the top hosts the National Monument, the Nelson Monument and the Dugald Stewart Monument; really not bad for one hill!

Edinburgh Castle


If you go to Edinburgh, you are going to see this castle a lot! It is situated at the end of the Royal Mile and it looks over the whole city.

The castle is extremely picturesque and, even from outside, it is pretty impressive. If you are not a “museum kind of person” I would not advise you to go inside since the fee is 20 pounds and you pretty much have the same view as from outside. But hey, if you love history and museums definitely go in, it will be worth every penny!

What to eat in Edinburgh?

Try Haggis at Makras gourmet mash-bar company

Haggis is the national Scottish food, so why not giving it a try while there? The restaurant has many versions for beginners and you can try the infamous specialty in combination with other things, such as potato skins.


Makras, as the name suggests, has a lot of mashed potato dishes and many other potatoes based deliciousness you can choose from. We tried the rostis and I have to say they were pretty delish!

Tip: don’t look Haggis up before tasting it

Treat yourself at the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill


Yes, that’s right! The famous chef has a restaurant in the city center of Edinburgh and you won’t definitely be disappointed. The food looks amazing and tastes even better… you’re on holiday, treat yourself! My advice goes to the banoffee pudding, a definite must.

Dine at the Devil’s Advocate


Want to finish your amazing day in Edinburgh with drinks and a delicious meal? Then Devil’s Advocate is definitely where you should go. Situated on the Royal Mile, halfway down the Devil’s close, it’s usually crowded (I advise you to reserve) but the wait is definitely worth it. Here is a picture of my cous cous with a Guinea fowl and pomegranate, drooling yet?

Harry Potter Tips

If you are a true Harry Potter fan, here are two tips for your holiday in Edinburgh:

Check out the Victoria Street, better know as… Diagon Alley!


Exactly! The street nearby the Edinburgh castle has been the main inspiration to J.K. Rowling for the creation of Diagon Alley, a pretty magical place I must say 🙂

Dine at Spoon


If you are walking nearby the Festival Theater on Nicolson St., please look up! Hidden on the second floor of a building in front of the modern theater is Spoon, an extremely cozy and delicious café. So what is the deal with Harry Potter? Well, J.K. Rowling used to find her inspiration to write our favorite book while sitting there… Do I need to say more to convince you to stop by?

Hope this small guide could inspire you to visit this magical city!

Until next time,

xoxo Giulia

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